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EROC Australia launches new report
'Connecting the dots: Understanding sexual assault in university communities'

EROC Australia has released a major report into sexual assault in Australian university communities. The report, titled “Connecting the dots: understanding sexual assault in university communities”, is the product of our extensive advocacy work with survivors and their supporters. The submission provides detailed analysis of the problem of sexual violence in Australian educational communities, and includes a comprehensive suite of recommendations for change at the level of individual universities, as well as at state and federal government levels.

To download a PDF copy of the report, click here.

Check out media coverage of the report in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, Women's AgendaThe Feed on SBS and ABC Online

'University reputation and income should not take priority over the wellbeing and safety of students, and processes that retraumatise rape victims or deter reporting are only protecting and enabling offenders.

As one victim from Wollongong University said: "Make no mistake, I consider the events of my sexual assault and this university's response to be equally despicable. There is a shocking correlation between someone not listening to you say 'stop' and an organisation not listening to you scream 'help'."'

- Nina Funnell in the Sydney Morning Herald, 27 February 2017

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Sunday Night - Yahoo 7

Only six out of 575 reported sexual misconduct cases at Australian universities have led to student expulsion...

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